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PageMate Automated Messenger V3.3 supports automated text message dispatch to MOTOTRBO radios from plant and system monitors, SCADA, plant automation and message dispatch operators.  
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PageMate® Version 3.3 PageMate Version 3.3 provides the world’s most comprehensive support for text messaging to electronic pagers, digital telephones, digital radios and other portable message display devices. PageMate software can be used with most popular network monitors, help desks, dispatch, process control, plant automation and site-specific applications to provide event notification or automatically dispatch support personnel. Supported protocols include WCTP, SNPP, TNPP, SMPP, SMS, DTMF, PET, TAP, MTMP, GCP, SMFC and BCOM. PageMate is a multi-threaded, multi-platform, client-server software product. Two variants of PageMate Server support a common Client: PageMate Classic Server dispatches messages via one-way protocols from Windows, Linux, HPUX, Sun Solaris and OpenVMS. PageMate Automated Messenger Server dispataches mesages via both one-way and two-way protocols from Windows platforms only. PageMate Client accepts messages on behalf of either Server variant on Windows, Linux, HPUX, Sun Solaris and OpenVMS.
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PageMate Automated Messenger V3.3 supports multi-channel message dispatch with Zetron Series 2000 Paging Terminals
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