Knowledge Lives.

System helps teams discover data, share insights, and build knowledge.


Find, Discover and Track

  • Find the best data for all your needs — from BI to ML.
  • Track metadata to govern and optimize dataset usage.


Document and Relate

  • Keep all your metric definitions in one place, accessible to all and everything.
  • Discover what drives your key metrics.


Analyze, Manage and Monitor

  • Visualize, analyze, and compare models straight from your notebook.
  • Monitor drift in production ML models.


Share, Link and Discover

  • Break down silos by gathering and linking all the insights you generate.
  • Stay current on the topics that matter most to you.

The knowledge graph for data-first companies

Securely and flexibly integrates with your data warehouse and analytics and modeling stack — in under 30 minutes.

Retrieves, organizes, and enriches metadata.

Solves data, model, metadata, and knowledge management and discovery.

Save time looking for data, models, notebooks, and definitions.

Unify your team around shared metrics, data, and insights.

Scale efficiently with a knowledge base that grows with you.

Improve decision-making by linking the knowledge you generate.